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6 years ago PRP Therapy News

Research Shows Numerous Benefits of Combined PRP Therapy

PRP therapy has shown to be an effective and safe treatment option for several orthopedic and chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. In addition, many people have experienced the benefits that PRP can provide to the skin, namely fewer wrinkles and skin spots, as well as increased skin firmness. Now research has shown that PRP can be successfully combined with other types of treatments to provide excellent benefits.


PRP Therapy Combined with Hyaluronic Acid

According to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, the use PRP in  combination with hyaluronic acid can result in a “statistically significant improvement on facial skin”.1 The study, which included 94 female patients with varying degrees of facial aging, was focused on determining the efficacy of PRP combined with hyaluronic acid on the skin’s general appearance, firmness, and texture. The majority of the patients who received the treatment reported an improvement in all of the measured variables. It was found that the results improved progressively as the patients received more injections.


PRP Therapy Combined with Stem Cells

Research studies have also shown that adding PRP to the stem cells protocol used for the treatment of degenerative osteoarthritis can accelerate the patient’s’ improvement. The study showed that this combination of treatments can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life by decreasing pain and improving mobility.


PRP Therapy Combined with Glycolic Acid

PRP therapy has also shown to effective to manage acne scars. The effects of PRP therapy combined with a 70% glycolic acid skin peel were studied at the Department of Dermatology of the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya in Indonesia. The participants of this study, 7 males and 10 females, presented a significantly less noticeable acne scars after receiving the treatment.



1Ulusal, B.G. (2016). Platelet-rich plasma and hyaluronic acid – an efficient biostimulation method for face rejuvenation. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. DOI: 10.1111/jocd.12271


2SHW. T.  and Sinta Murlistyarini, S. (2016). Combination Treatment of Skin Needling, Platelet-Rich Plasma and Glycolic Acid 70%. Chemical Peeling for Atrophic Acne Scars in Fitzpatricks Skin Type IVVI. Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research.


3Bansal, H., Comella, K., Leon, J., Verma, P., Agrawal, D., Koka, P., & Ichim, T. (2017). Intra-articular injection in the knee of adipose derived stromal cells (stromal vascular fraction) and platelet rich plasma for osteoarthritis. Journal of Translational Medicine. 15, 141.






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6 years ago PRP Therapy News

Athletes and Celebrities Are Reaping the Benefits of PRP Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment has become one the favorite cosmetic treatments among celebrities. Athletes and actresses, and other celebrities have been known to use PRP to heal sports injuries and to improve their physical appearance.


Kobe Bryant

The first famous athlete who was known to receive PRP treatment was Kobe Bryant, who went to Germany to get his injured knee treated. Kobe’s favorable results sparked the curiosity among athletes and consolidated PRP treatment as an effective option to treat sports injuries. In fact, PRP popularity increased significantly after Kobe Bryant used it.


Alex Rodriguez

After his successful treatment in Germany, Kobe Bryant, prompted the Yankees player, Alex Rodriguez, to try PRP treatment. Rodriguez received five PRP sessions after his hip surgery back in 2009. PRP treatment allowed the baseball player to recover quickly from his surgery and he was able to return to the field a lot sooner than expected.


Tiger Woods

Another famous athlete known to have received PRP treatment is Tiger Woods. The world-renowned golf player received PRP treatment in 2008 after a surgery to repair an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in his knee. PRP accelerated Tiger Wood’s knee healing significantly and he was able to play golf soon after. In 2009, after his successful PRP procedure, Tiger Wood had one the best years of his golfing career.


Angelina Jolie

PRP treatment is well-known for its rejuvenating benefits and actresses such as Angeline Jolie would not let a cosmetic treatment like this pass by unnoticed. It has been reported that Jolie received PRP skin injections to boost the collagen production in her skin and improve her overall skin appearance. The wonderful rejuvenating results observed in beautiful actress have inspired other celebrities to pursue PRP treatment.


Kim Kardashian

Recently, Kim Kardashian received a combination of PRP injections and microneedling to improve her facial appearance. The procedure was broadcasted on her reality show ‘Kim and Kourtney Take Miami’. PRP treatment gave Kardashian a glowing, youthful face.


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